Water Purification

Water Purification

The use of the water filter has become an indispensable necessity in all countries in the world in general and in the Arab countries in particular. The levels of water pollution reached a large amount that can not be allowed. The water filter is a basic piece. That the stages of filtration to be purified and rid of the largest number of pollutants, to become valid for human habitation, in order to prevent the infection of diseases transmitted by these pollutants.

Filtration stage:

This phase is considered to be one of the most important stages. It is characterized by the filtration of a solid and effective carbon to remove the concentrated chlorine, the chlorine in chemical reactions such as chloramine, and the residues of organic and chemical substances from the effects of pollutants such as fertilizers, pesticides and other contaminants that can not be seen by the naked eye. Once every 6 months.


Water Purification:

This is one of the most important stages of water purification in the filter. The water molecules are separated from salts, heavy metals, microbes, bacteria and viruses.


Water Treatment :

Many people call this stage the name of the coconut phase. At this point, the water passes through granules of active carbon. Any odors or gases that cause the change of taste are removed and the water gets its characteristic crystalline form, which is changed once a year.

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