Fire Place

The fireplace is an important element of decoration in the place where it is located throughout the seasons, and varies in terms of designs, shapes and materials, and reflects the romantic atmosphere on the house. The design of the Turtle Bliss evolved with the development of interior decoration techniques, and the burning of its work varied, from which it works with wood or firewood, and other types.

There is a formal fireplace that depends on the visual trick. A red bulb is placed behind a set of gravel or wood, or using a silk cloth instead of gravel and a fan installed on the opposite side.
The design of the fireplace is transformed into an aesthetic piece. In design, room size is important. Today, modern designs can be fitted with a hole in the wall for small and large houses. The fireplace can be converted into a painting in the room, In the bottom quarter of the heater and fill it with a little gravel.
The inner part of the space must be built of thermal bricks when the fireplace is a hole in the wall, and a shelf must be built to the outside or on the ground to protect the house from the scattering of some of the embers, which leads to the fire, especially if the floor is from Wood or rattan

There are tips to use when designing and using the fireplace, include choosing the right location for the fireplace at home to achieve a warm winter atmosphere. It is often preferred to sit in the family sitting room, in a special angle to keep the temperature, and as far as possible from the main corridors and entrances Home.

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