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Is there an annoying combustion exhaust for the Boiler?

No exhaust in normal operating condition, exhaust can be produced when a problem occurred in the burn system and can be repaired

Is there an annoying sound for the Boiler?

There is no annoying noise weaker than the sound of the air conditioner, the boiler is an external unit

Will i save the electricity bill when i replace the electric heaters?


If the underfloor heating system crashes how to fix it?

Underfloor heating does not disrupt by itself but may be disrupted when direct cutting of the heating cable occurs

Can you repair the heating cable parts?

Yes it can be fixed

Can I control the temperature?

Yes you can control the temperature

Will heating affect on the tiles in the future?

There is no effect

How much savings do central heaters or pool heaters have on diesel?

75% savings on electricity and higher efficiency

Can I replace electric central heaters with diesel heaters?

Yes possible with the necessary adjustments based on location

Will I get a difference in electricity consumption if I replace central heaters or pool heaters?

Yes, of course

Whichever is healthy for human body heating with warm air such as air conditioner or floor heating?

The floor heating is healthy for the human body as the heat is emitted from the bottom to the top. This is the closest to the heat of the human body, and the ground heating does not produce dry air, which can cause diseases, headaches and suffocation sometimes

Where can the electric heating be installed?

All places: bedrooms – bathrooms – next to swimming pools – shower wall – Moroccan baths – massage rooms … etc

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